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Re: Automatically recognize credit card type

Automatically recognize credit card type

When entering a credit card number, is there a way for Zuora to recognize when a credit card is a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc?  Several other billing systems have this functionality and it would make for less processing (rejected payments) if this were in place.  

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@jaltman—Do you mean within the Zuora UI?

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The HPM Page does this. Are your internal users creating bad data? card.png


That does not come up in our interface.  We have to select Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Ect.  Is there a setting that I can adjust that I'm not aware of?   See image.  We have to manually select the card type.  Even if the card type is wrong, it will still allow us to input it and not decline anything until the actual payment is submitted.                                            card type.PNG


I have not heard anything else on this.  This is on our end and as you can see from the snapshot it does not automatically select based on the card number.  We have to manually select which can be error prone.  Any ideas?