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Re: Attach invoice to past due, account summary notifications - Status changed to: Under Consideration

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Attach invoice to past due, account summary notifications

I know that it has already been implemented to allow a pdf copy of the invoice to be attached to the Invoice Due notifications, but I would like to also request that this option be available when using the past due, account summary notifications. We send out all of our past due notifications on the 15th of the month, and received multiple requests back from our customers asking for copies of the invoices.  I am aware that the summary notifications could include multiple past due invoices, if there is an option to add pdf copies of any invoice referenced in the past due summary that would save countless emails and time on our end.  I previously commented on another idea thread with this and was told to create a new idea and include the below informaiton.  I am hoping this will be an easy fix as it's already implemented for the past due notifications. I am eager to hear your feedback and see if this is something we can expect to see in the near future. 


Zuora-Support wrote:

Feature Request: Ability to attach past due invoices with "Invoices Past Due, Account Summary Default Email Template"

Business Need:

1. By attaching the invoices past due in the notification, speeds up the process for customers to pay for past due invoice as they do not have to locate the invoices separately.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration



This is a good idea. I'll look into this enhancement for a future release. Thanks.



Yes, this would be helpful to have the option to attach 'Invoice pdf copies' in the past due summary email notification.




Is there any update on this feature request?