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Assign two standalone Payment Methods during Account creation



It would be great to be able to assign two standalone Payment Methods (CC + Bank Transfer) to a Zuora Account, using the sendToZbilling() method or a REST Create Account (with Subscription) call.


This is because more and more Zuora customers want to sell goods and related services this way:


A first invoice, for the goods, should be paid by credit card (less risk of chargeback).

The following invoices should be paid by bank transfer (less fees, doesn't expire, etc.)


The Zuora customers only want to create the Account if the 2 standalone Payment Methods are already created successfully. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to refer to 2 standalone Payment Methods in a sendToZbilling() method or REST Create Account call.




Zuora Alumni

 Good idea. Are your end users providing payment method details for both up front at the same time, or in separate steps?

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Zuora Staff

Ends Customers provide payment method details for both up front at the same time. Each PM needs to do be "validated" by the Payment Gateway to end the Acquisition process.

Zuora Engineering
Status changed to: Coming Soon

it would be inlcuded in the release/234, customer could do it via api or HPM

Zuora Engineering
Status changed to: Implemented

in the R234, provided the orphan payment method, after create 2 payment method, call other apis, could associate them with account.

Zuora Staff

@Guoqing could you provide more details about APIs impacted ? could not find much details in changelog...


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