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Apply credits on the same screen as invoices

Apply credits on the same screen as invoices

Need the ability when applying payments to apply credits and invoices on the same payment screen.  For example, on one remittance a customer may pay invoice A, B, and C.  Invoice A was for $10, invoice B was for $2 and they had a credit invoice C for ($5) so their net payment was $7.  The ability to select those all on one payment screen would be a huge time saver.  Currently you are not able to select a credit invoice on the invoice payment screen.

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Our upcoming Advanced AR Settlement features (unapplied payments, credit/ebit memos, and invoice item settlement) should address this use case. Note, we will no longer have "credit invoices" so that should go away. Thanks.

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Is this already in production? 


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Status changed to: Implemented

The ability to apply credits to invoices and debit memos within the same screen is possible in both the Zuora UI and REST API. To do so the Invoice Settlement feature, which includes unapplied payments, credit and debit memos, must be enabled. Invoice Settlement is currently in Limited Availability, contact Zuora Global Support to enable it.


After a credit memo is posted, one can fully or partially apply the credit memo to one or more invoices and debit memos. However, only Billing Role users with the user permission "Apply Credit Memo" enabled can perform this action. This Knowledge Center article contains more information about applying credit memos.