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Re: Annual cumulative price tiers for monthly billing

Annual cumulative price tiers for monthly billing

Provide the ability to set up tiered pricing that accounts for the accumulation of transactions over an annual period. For example

0-5000 transactions Price: $1.00/ transaction

5001-10000 transactions - Price: $0.80 / transaction

10000-20000 tranactions - Price: $0.70 / transaction

Customer Subscription Annual Renewal Date: March 1st


Invoices would work in the following manner, as total annual volume increases, tier prices come into affect

March 2016 Invoice - 4000 transactions

  • 4000 transactions Priced at $1.00/ transaction

April 2016 Invoice - 4000 transactions

  • 1000 Transactions Priced at $1.00 / transaction
  • 3000 Transactions Priced at $0.80 / transaction

May 2016 Invoice - 4000 transactions

  • 2000 Transactions Priced at $0.80 / transaction
  • 2000 Transactions Priced at $0.70 / transcation

...anniverary rolls over...

March 2017 Invoice - 3900 transactions

  • 3900 transactions Priced at $1.00/ transaction (annual subscription reset)


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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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This is a good idea. I'll discuss this with my colleague who manages our subscription and rating system, since that is where the charges are calculated before moving to the billing system. Thanks!

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We are considering this idea. The "More Feedback Needed" status is really to indicate that we are looking into this.



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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Any update on this feature?  This would be a SERIOUS help to our billing process.

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My company could seriously use this as well!  Seems pretty common to have volume/tiered usage that is based on cumulative amounts but billed monthly.

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are there any news on this feature. This would help us.