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Re: Allow repeated tables in invoice template

Allow repeated tables in invoice template

Currently if you try to include the same table twice on an invoice template, you receive the following style error when uploading:


TableStart:TaxSummary is a duplicate table.


This is an issue for us as we wish to display a differently formatted table based on the region. For example for our EU invoices we need to format the table to show "VAT" rather than "Tax". There are other instances where we might wish to show or hide a column and the only way to do this is have a second table with the different formatting and chose to show it or not based on IF conditions.


The quote templates already support repeated tables (its even used in your example template) so this seems to be more of an artifical limitation imposed by invoicing rather than a technical one.


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@feisley to the rescue once again. I'm very grateful that you've posted your templates for others to learn from, I've already managed to solve a few long standing problems that I wasn't sure were possible to fix. You've saved me so much time Smiley Very Happy