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Re: Allow dynamic QR codes to be used on invoices

Allow dynamic QR codes to be used on invoices

Singapore is moving to be a cashless society.  One of the systems being adopted is PayNow.  It is intented to replace cash payments. 


Singapore banks are encouraging individuals and businesses to have PayNow set up on their bank accounts.  


They also provide java applets to allow businesses to create dynamic QR codes that include all the information needed for a subscriber to make a payment. 


It would be useful if Zuora could either support the applets or have an API that could connect to a java server, so a dynamic QR code could be created for a subscriber's payment, then import the personalised QR code into a Zuora custom field so each billing cycle it could be merged onto the invoice template. 


This will be of benefit to all your customers in Singapore. 





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QR codes can be generated in Word invoice templates using ordinary mail merge fields. This is however not supported in older Word formats like 95/97. If only Zuora supported more recent Word format files, this shoule be quite straight forward to solve.