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Allow display more than the top 300 Rate Plans within Products

In our setup of Rate plans we have more than 300 rate plans under a single product and we have encountered a HUGE obstacle when it comes to this.


When we cannot view the Rate Plan that we need to update, we cannot update it at all and the data source exports will also not pull out a consistent list of rate plans, to allow an import to update the fields.  What usually takes us a few seconds to updates has turned into a much longer multi-hour update.


Can we have the ability to view all rate plans for a product and not have a cap on the number of rate plans visible under a product?


See support ticket - 187441 for more details on the problems we have encountered.

Zuora Staff

Hi All, Did some extensive testing on this issue and figured out that based on my testing results, I could sucessfully able to view 500+ rate plans in a product within Zuora UI.