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Re: Allow charges to align to current term end regardless of terms and conditions changes

Allow charges to align to current term end regardless of terms and conditions changes

With the ability to support terms and conditions amendments, the proration of annual charges to the new term end date doesn't always work without some hacks like adjusting the BCD. Take the below example.


Subscription starts on 1/10/2017 with an annual charge so the service period for the charge is 1/10/17 - 1/9/2018

On 1/20/2017 a new annual charge is added which aligns to the term end so prorates for the period 1/20/17 - 1/9/2018

On 3/12/2017 one of the annual charges on the subscription is removed, a new annual charge is added and a terms and condition change is made to change the term to start on 3/12/2017. This results in a prorated credit for the removed product from 3/12/17 to 1/9/18, an annual fee from 3/12/17 to 3/11/2018. 

On 5/7/2017 I add a new annaul charge and want to prorated it to the end of the current term (3/11/2018) but it invoices though 4/6/17 instead


It doesn't matter what charge alignment I use I can't get this final step to invoice to the end of the term. If there were a charge alignment for term end (instead of term start) that might solve this issue. 


Zuora Engineering

I tried the use case step by step. I can generate the invoice as you expect. The new annual charge that starts on 5/7/2017 is prorated it to the end of current term 3/11/2018.


some settings I used:

1) on charge, define billing day as Charge Trigger Day, define billing period alignment as Align to Charge.

2) on subscription, auto renew is false

3) on billing setting, Invoice Past End-of-Term when Auto-Renew is OFF?


I suspect that the billing day you set for the charge 5/7/2017 is not Charge Trigger Day.



Senior Tutor

Hi Kewen, I am reviewing the "Billing Day" drop down options, you mentioned use "Charge Trigger Date" but this is not actually an option:


Billing Day:

Default From Customer Account

Specific Day of the Month

Subscription Start Day


There is nothing regarding "Charge trigger day" Please advise.