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Allow annual list price base

Allow annual list price base

Is there a reason for only having monthly or weekly list price base options?  We'd like to define an annual price, but have an arbitrary number of months in the term

Zuora Staff

Totally agree!!!


I would like to be able to define Annual prices, but bill quartely  (or even, although a bit more far fetched, define prices annualy and bill using any period..)




Hey folks, 

I just bought Zuora at Heap and am implementing now.  This feature is the difference between us having to define a product book of 400 things (100 products x the 4 rate plans for each product, monthly, annual, semi-annual, etc) and a product book with only 100 things. 

This is my 3rd time implementing Zuora and every time this issue has come up.  It is quite common, especially in Enterprise/Mid-Marketing SaaS, to discuss pricing pricing with customers on annual terms, and negotiate the billing terms seperately.  The "Per Billing Period" model means that if you change the billing terms you need to also change the price.  This is awkward in the pricebook and in the CPQ. 

Annual List Base Pricing would be a huge boon for many folks!

Valued Scholar

100 % agree, it gives lot of flexibility for sales rep to win a deal by allowing different billing period.