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Allow Gateway reconciliation to update External Payments matching a reference ID



Ok, that may sound weird, but in many occasions we have clients that use not zuora-supported payment methods (eg, Sofort, ideal, P24...), usually for one time payments, through a zuora-supported GW (eg, worldpay) and they reflect these payments in zuora by an external payment.


So, we have a payment made directly through the GW, which gives back a trasaction ID, and then we create an external payment in zuora using that transaction ID as reference ID.


The GW returns informations about these payments in the files picked up by the GR, but despite the reference in the file matching a payment in zuora, no reconciliation occurs...

I guess the GR job filters on electronic payments or on the GW state...  but it would be very convenient that the GW job could also reconcile such payments... (Maybe we shall ensure that amounts match).


That would avoid clients to build a custom integration replicating our core GR...