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Re: Additional Suppress Zero option

Additional Suppress Zero option

Use case: Customer Z is requesting if it is possible to have an item of usage which is free but was used. For example, Inbound Internet-- that is free at present so will not appear on the invoice since they are zero value items.  Customer Z want to inform customers of their spend each month, even if it is zero and it would better if the customer can see that they got free internet. 


Suggested enhancement Additional option would be to have "Do not display zero quantity invoice line items" in the invoice template.  This would display items that have usage or a quantity.  This could be set in conjunction with "Do not display zero value invoice line items" which if set would suppress those items that have zero value.  The requirement would be met by have "Do not display zero quantity invoice line items = YES" and "Do not display zero value invoice line items = NO".  That would show only items that have usage whether or not they were zero value.


DE8183 is currently being review by our Product Management and no ETA when can we have this deploy.

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A suggestion as well to possibly improve the flexibility of this is to allow rows to be hidden programatically using mail merge IF statements. That way the logic of whether to show the row would be embedded in the template itself and could be based on a number of more complex scenarios.




{ IF{MERGEFIELD InvoiceItem.Type__c } = "Add-On" 

  { IF { MERGEFIELD Account.ShowAddons__c } = 1  


   { MERGEFIELD TableUtils:HideRow } // False





This logic would hide the given row if the account had the ShowAddons__c flag set to 1 and if the invoiceitem.Type__c was "Add-On"

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Is this issue fixed, I want to hide the column where chargename = "Discount"