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Re: Adding Functionality to HPM 2.0 Payment Page iFrame - Status changed to: Under Consideration

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Adding Functionality to HPM 2.0 Payment Page iFrame

Requesting the HPM iFrame have some changes in the HTML structure to better implement CSS customizations.

  1. we’re trying to override the CVV image to use our own, it’s a <img>tag in the iframe and we tried with CSS content to override, it works fine in Chrome and Safari, but not Firefox, because FF only support content in ::before or ::after styles. Our ask is if it can use a div to display that image in zuora iframe just like the credit card image, then it will be easier for us to customize it in CSS.
  2. we’d like to add conditional text for the submit button, e.g. after clicked, we want to show a different text for the disabled state of that button. If there’s a divor 'span' inside that button, then we could replace the text using the content attribute when disabled.

If you have any other suggestions on how to implement these features, please advise. Otherwise, we're requesting a change in how the iFrame is constructed.

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Zuora Engineering
Status changed to: Under Consideration

It is reasonable, engineer team is considering it as an item with medium/low priority.