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Add uncheck all option to Invoice list of Process a Payment page

For some of our customers we have many small invoices for the same account. We need the ability to uncheck all invoices as they default to checked.

See attached PDF for an example of current page with list of checked invoices.

Zuora Staff
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This will be addressed in the upcoming Advanced AR Settlement (Unapplied Payments) project.

Zuora Product Team
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This idea is a duplicate of this question and it has been implemented.


The ability to select all or deselect all invoices for payments is currently available in the UI. When creating a payment, in the "Apply Payment" box at the bottom of the Process a Payment page there is a billing document table which lists the customer's invoices and debit memos. In the top left corner of that table (top row and leftmost column) there is a check box. To select all billing documents in the table, select the check box. To deselect all billing documents in the table, uncheck the box. To read about how to create a payment in the UI see this Knowledge Center article.