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Add the Edit link/button for Scheduled Bill Runs on the Detail View and the existing Bill Run page

You can only edit a Scheduled Bill Run from the List View of the Bill Runs screen. The edit button does not appear in Detail View and on the Scheduled Bill Run page. This is confusing to a user and makes you think you can only cancel and re-create a Scheduled Bill Run.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration



Thanks for this input. This enhancement would definitely make the management of bill runs more usable. We'll consider it in a future release. Thanks.


I came looking for something else and found this post.  I had no idea that there was an edit option on the bill run but only in the expanded view.  I too thought modifications to a scheduled bill run required cancel and create new. 


I agree that it would be useful to display the edit button on the list view since that's what most users use.

@nharlow This idea has been under consideration for 3 years.  Any update?