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Add ability to flexibly apply a Discount Charge (rate plan level)

Feature Request: Add ability to flexibly apply a discount charge(rate plan level) to multiple product rate plans charge.

Reference Number: PMT-1113

Business Need: Currently, in order to have varying discount charges per product rate plan, the discount must be tied per product rate plan. If there are multiple product rate plans, one to one discount application not ideal.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration
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This would be a huge help for our team. We have our product catalog outlined out by region (i.e. we have a product for the 10 regions we have pricing). This means if I want to add the product for just one of our tiers, I have to add it 10 times instead of once.


Ideally, under the Apply Discount to for "All charges in the subscription" when you can select the product we would see similiar to the reporting options. Something like "Rate Plan contains.." or "Rate Plan Charge contains..." Our rate plan names are consistent, we just have them under different product names.