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Add a function to switch the invoice template by product

I want to add a function to switch the invoice template by product.

We are the agent of Zuora user companies.
Upon receiving the following request from the user and consulting with the support team,
I received an introduction to include in this URL.


The contents are described below.
Details of request: I want a function to switch invoice templates according to the contracted product.


Background: Currently used templates are common to customers. By editing some detail lines,Control is performed.
I am considering a new service and want to use something that is not in the current invoice format.
I know that it can be switched manually for each customer, but it cannot be quantitatively switched manually.
Therefore, I would like to set up a dedicated account for the new product and “automatically set the invoice template with the product (new product)”.


Effect: In the case of a new product, “Invoice template setting leak” is prevented by forgetting the operation.


Function: CPQ → Zuora linkage


Thank you.