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Re: Add Stripe Fingerprint to PaymentMethod - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Add Stripe Fingerprint to PaymentMethod

Currently, if we're allowing Zuora to manage credit cards, transactions are posted as one-off rather than using tokenization. The real challenge begins when we consider the case of a client attempting to defraud checkout: the Stripe Fingerprint (a unique ID to the credit card itself regardless of tokenized or one-off processing) is not passed back through Zuora to the API / Interface. This means that we cannot see if someone is attempting to purchase multiple new subscriptions with the same credit card information.


I would like to suggest that the fingerprint be associated with each PaymentMethod and that, like the rule of a PaymentMethod not being associated with more than a single billing account that you'll encounter, the fingerprint field can be set as "unique" and will throw an error if there is an attempt to create a duplicate PaymentMethod.




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We're looking at better support for some of Stripe's native capabilities that come along with tokenizing the card on their end. In the meantime, some of our customers prefer utilizing Stripe tokenization by way of the Credit Card reference transaction payment method in our system. You can tokenize a card using Stripe.js on your side, and then create a payment method in Zuora with the Stripe token.



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Status changed to: Under Consideration