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Ability to update the data on the Payment object after its created.

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Ability to update the data on the Payment object after its created.

Ability to update the data on the Payment object after its created.


Currently once the payment object is created, the Comment field was not updatable and SOAP API update call on the payment object returns a errorr "Field Not Updatable".





@gbordawekar the best reason I could find for why the "comment" field is not editable is that it is generally found on the invoices in the transaction table. (i.e. customer visible).


If you were able to change this, then the messaging to the customer could change on the invoice which has already been generated with the first comment.


For our internal notes, we use a custom field named "Internal Notes" so that we can differentiate between customer facing comments/memo and our internal information.


Can you write to that Internal Notes field after creation?


Yes we can. Click "more" on the payment and "edit basic information"

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 Is the custom field "Internal Notes" available through SOAP API?

 or would it rather make sense that we create a similar custom field on the Payment object to manage the customized notes for our billing purposes? 



@gbordawekar It is exposed via the SOAP API like all other custom fields. However, I have not personally used the API yet to work with this particular field.


We had considered using the custom field on Payment as "Customer Notes" and using that to merge, but given that the existing Comment field already merged into the transaction table in various objects we decided not to mess with that one.


Also there is an ongoing discussion regarding longer fields for notes (and also native notes support for some objects like attachments):



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We will be releasing some enhancements to our payment capabilities. As part of this work, I have added a requirement that the comment field must be updateable. Thanks.