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Re: Ability to undo an invoice reversal

Ability to undo an invoice reversal

When someone reverses an invoice this is a one-way action that's impossible to undo. This in turn means we can't unpost > cancel > delete the invoice, which in turn means we can't delete the associated order.

This is something that's occassionally caused us a real headache as we then need to work out how to do a corrective order to try and undo the effects of the previous one (which is possible in some cases but not in all including undoing a renewal).

It would therefore be very helpful if it was possible to undo an invoice reversal.

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Zuora Engineering

The purpose of reversing functionality is to keep the invoices when reverting the billing impact. It keeps the sequential number. To correct the order, you could cancel the subscription until the last date of invoicing. In this scanerios, all tractions including invoices and subscriptions are kept.


If you don't want to keep invoices and subscriptions, the recommended practice is to not use reversing. In stead, you can unpost -> cancel -> delete the invoices.