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Ability to translate gateway error messages.

Ability to translate gateway error messages.

Many customers require the ability to translate gateway error messages.


E.g. ResponseCode: RefusedResponseMsg: Invalid Card Number


This is displayed to the customer on the iframe in english.

Need the ability to translate messages into other languages.

Savvy Scholar

Totally agree, we are getting some lovely gateway messages that are not very customer friendly, such as :-


Transaction declined.REFUSED - 34: FRAUD SUSPICION


Transaction declined.REFUSED - 76 CARD BLOCKED 


Which are not very friendly to the customer.   The design of the iFrame messages needs to differentiate gateway messages that should not be shown, from messages that should be shown: ie how do you know which of the following mesage to display to the customer (from a coding perspecitve), its pretty obvious from reading them.


errorMessage: Transaction declined.REFUSED - 34: FRAUD SUSPICION




errorMessage:Transaction declined.REFUSED - 5: REFUSED




errorMessage:Expiration date must be a future date.




The answer here may be not to show GatewayTransactionErrors, however as there is no list it is hard to know if some messages may be useful, as if the message is not displayed then the contact centre has no way of detremining what the problem might be /.  

We could really do with this feature.
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Status changed to: Under Consideration