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Re: Ability to suppress $0.01 (Penny) Invoices and Credit Memos for Net-Zero Orders

Ability to suppress $0.01 (Penny) Invoices and Credit Memos for Net-Zero Orders

Zuora's proration calculations are on the Rate Plan Charge level and therefore Rounding Rules are applied on this level as well. However, it doesn't make sense that a customer can be charged or credited for a penny whenever Orders are created to reflect a net-zero impact.


For Example as part of 1 Order:

Subscription A is cancelled for $500 & Subscription B is created for $500. 

* In this scenario, depending on the # of days in the bill cycle, it can cause a penny Invoice or Credit Memo to be generated, regardless of Rounding Rule configurations.


I'm sure there are a couple of solutions/designs for this but here are a couple I can think of:

(1) Logic to enforce $0 billing transactions for Net-$0 impacting Orders

(2) Enable flexibility surrounding Rounding Rules (Order-level vs Rate Plan Charge-level)


Related API: https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/POST_Order (RunBilling = TRUE)

Savvy Scholar

This is causing significant confusion for our customers and billing operations team. The use case detailed above is extremely common for our product/customers and it's near impossible to explain why moving $$ between subscriptions may credit them or charge them $0.01. While I understand the rate plan charge level rounding may be technically "correct" it creates a very bizarre and inconsistent customer experience that requires an accounting background to understand. 

+1 to the comment from loganjones above.