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Ability to set separately Rounding Mode for Charge and Tax

In Zuora, I know that the rounding method when calculating the amount can be set as follows:

login name> Billing> Customize Currencies> Rounding Mode


This setting affects ALL amount calculations: Charge Amount, Discount Amount and Tax Amount
Please be able to separately set Rounding Mode of Charge/Discount Amount and Tax Amount respectively.


  • Rounding Mode of Charge/Discount Amount: Half Up
  • Rounding Mode of Tax Amount: Down

This example is a business practice often seen in Japan. The product and tax have different Rounding Mode.


I found following Idea which is similar to this Idea.
However, this Idea seems to assert "adding Floor (Down) to the Rounding Mode" (I think that it is already implemented).
Rather, the essential problem is that the setting of the currency of Zuora affects all tenant's amount calculations.