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Ability to name or tag recurring bill runs

Ability to name or tag recurring bill runs


we currently have around 15 scheduled recurring bill runs, each for specific batches (our customers are assigned to specific batches), sometimes one batch may have two bill runs (one for recurring charges, one for usage charges). Now if we need to edit/ cancel/ delete a bill run for a specific set of customers we are obliged to open all bill runs in order to find the right one.


It would be very practical to be able to name or tag each bill run in order to more easily identify them.


As our customer base steadily grows, so does the number of batches and number of recurring bill runs.


This could also apply to payment runs and would benefit all Zuora users.


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Trevor Vogt


@trevorvogt I thought your idea was similar to another idea posted 3 years ago and it's under consideration.  There's been no update on the idea for years.


Both ideas want to add text to describe bill runs for easier idetification.


Maybe zuora will see these 2 similar ideas and provide some feedback if more users give Kudos.

Description/Comment field on Bill Run

Savvy Scholar

Thank you @ehavens . I gave the other idea a kudos. Let's hope it has effect.