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Re: Ability to export unprocessed Accounts in Bill Run/Payment Run

Ability to export unprocessed Accounts in Bill Run/Payment Run

In a Bill Run page, something like below is displayed: 
Total Customers Processed:  3746 
Number of Invoices Created:  3606 


With currenty Product design, it's not possible to view the unprocessed Accounts. We need the ability to export the 140 Accounts that didn't have Invoices generated.

Same applied to Payment Run where we would like to export a list of Accounts that don't have Payment applied.



I am trying to upvote and it goes down to 4 and then back to 5 but does not increase the vote count!

There should be a click-able link on the payment run page to then download the unprocessed invoices.  It displays the processed invocies with client name and it displays the invoices that received an error with the account number and what the error message is and then ONLY provides the NUMBER of unprocessed invoices but then stops there! It would be so helpful to provide the same info for the unprocessed invocies!!



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Thanks for letting me know about the voting bug, @verderyt!  I just checked and your vote has indeed been counted and appreciate your feedback on this idea for the product team.

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Hello! just stumbled across this myself - is there any workaround to report on all failed payment by payment run number?