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Re: Ability to create Payment Run using API - Status changed to: Implemented

Ability to create Payment Run using API

In the same way that BillRun is able to be created via API, we require PaymentRun to be created via API, specifically the ability to filter on a BillRun number in the same way as the UI enables us to do. This is because we have bad debt in our system from prior months that the direct debit guarantee (and our finance dept for that matter) prohibit from collecting in a PaymentRun.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon



We are planning to introduce a payment run API as part of the advanced AR settlement work we are doing. Thanks.

That's great, to support the business case for developing this... Imagine that one is using Z-Payments, and one has a pile of bad debt on several customer accounts. Unless a bill run number is specified (or other filters), Zuora will attempt collection of all account balances. At the moment it's tough to enforce protections against Payment Runs from being run without specifying a bill run number. We want to create such protections outside of Zuora to reduce human errors.
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Do we have a release date? Thanks

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Is this functionality available yet or is there a proposed release date?

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Status changed to: Implemented

Hi All, 


We have released this API within the last couple of months. You can find the documentation here: https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#tag/Payment-Runs.



Please feel free to send me feedback. Thanks.