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Zuora Reporting on 'Order TCV' does not show subscription

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Zuora Reporting on 'Order TCV' does not show subscription



Order TCV report does not show subscription: S-000000abcd-002OOIF2.

On Barco Inc sub-entity, i created a report on the Order TCV cube with filter 'Subscription: Name' contains 'abcd' and with Selected fields 'Subscription: Name'. (My reports > Draft > OrderABCD)
I except 2 subscriptions to show up:

S-000000abcd-002OOIF2 does not show up in the result of the report.
I don't understand why...

can you please check?


Root Cause:

The Metrics generation failed for Sub S-000000abcd-002OOIF2 and that is the reason, the record is not pulled in the Reports.




In this case, when we click on Retry option, the metrics show completed as below:

Now both the subscriptions are visible in the Order TCV reports.

If in case, you face this kind of issue anymore in the future, check for the order migration status in the first place and if it fails, click on the Retry option. 


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