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Report on Deferred Revenue

How can I generate a report to display all of our deferred revenue by month?

Zuora Staff

Re: Report on Deferred Revenue

This report is called "Deferred Revenue". This standard report lets you keep your eye on your deferred revenue mid-month if you want to see how things are going before the close of the month or accounting period. Unlike downloading the detailed revenue report, these numbers are rolling and will give you the most up to date view of your current financials. 


Just go to your reporting section and navigate to:

Standard reports > Revenue > Outcome folder.

Then edit the DEFERRED REVENUE report.


You can begin by making sure that the filter is starting your report from the desired accounting period. So you can edit the "ACCOUNTINGPERIOD: START DATE", to reflect the start of this current accounting period.



This gives you one lump sum of deferred revenue, but if you want to break it out by month, you can search for the object called "ACCOUNTINGPERIOD: START DATE" and drag it in as a column and I like to group by YEAR and MONTH.




Schedule as a Recurring Report

As usual, you can go to RUN REPORT, and click SCHEDULE. Select summary or detailed report, and choose your formatting options. Add any individuals or teams who need to receive this report by email and set the report to recur daily, weekly, monthly - it’s up to you. When you’re done scheduling the report, click SAVE.


Key Difference...

The key difference between this report and downloading the detailed revenue report within the accounting period section is a function of time. The detailed report in the accounting period section is a rigid and historical look back at a specific accounting period (great for creating financial statements), whereas this standard deferred revenue report is more customizable and flexible, giving you a high-level look at your deferred revenue at any precise moment in time. 


Another Resource

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