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Report of Accounts that Never Sent Payment



Can I run a report of all accounts that have invoices but have never had a payment attached? I know these would show up on the aging report but I'm looking to drill down to customers who have never paid us not just mis payment on one or two invoices.


What data source would I use?




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Re: Report of Accounts that Never Sent Payment

@nessmyers The Payments datasource picks up records only where a payment has been processed. In order to look for accounts that have invoices but no payments ever, you can download (excel) 2 reports: 1. Accounts with aging invoices (or all invoices posted) 2. Accounts which have had a payment at some point of time. You can then do a vlookup on account number/ID in report 1 to see which ones do not exist in report # 2.


Re: Report of Accounts that Never Sent Payment

@nessmyers are you using Salesforce integration of the Zuora 360 data?  If so, Salesforce Reporting has some options to build reports that might help.  You can build an initial account with invoice report and then use a Cross Filter that says Billing Accounts without Payments.


I agree with @Surupa that in Zuora Reporting you would not be able to build the request in 1 report.

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Re: Report of Accounts that Never Sent Payment

Thanks @ehavens! I appreciate the quick response. I am using Salesforce integration. Would you recommend using the Account History and Billing Account (Zuora) report? Do you know which one might include payment info?





Re: Report of Accounts that Never Sent Payment

@nessmyers, I used a Billing Account and Invoice report as the base, then used a Cross Filter for Billing Accounts without Payments.  You might want to include the fitler Invoices without Payments too.


Also, Invoices that are paid with Adjustments will not be excluded.  Not sure how you'll want to handle those invoices.  If appropriate, you can filter them out by using the regular filter fields Adjustment Amount = 0 and Credit Balance Adjustment Amount = 0.


I've attached some screenshots of the report configuration.  Let me know if you have any addtiional questions of scenarios that I didn't think of initially and I'll see if I can help find a solution.


Billing Account and Invoice report.pngCreating a Cross Filter.pngAll report Filters.PNG