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I am having trouble creating a report which lists all subscriptions that have a specific product active. I have noticed that the report is not picking up accounts unless the product has been amended in Zuora (New Product, Remove Product, Update Pricing). If an account migrated from our old system to Zuora and has not been amended the report is not picking it up.


I am using the Rate Plan Charge data source.


Re: Products Report

Hi @lisaluque!


I ran the report in your situation, but it did not reproduce.
That is, an Account with Subscription not Amend is also picked up.


I created a new Account and created a Subscription of active Product (Name = "Product_for_Report"):


Version of this Subscription is 1, which means that it is not amended.


Next, I made a report with Rate Plan Charge data source.
When Product.Name = "Product_for_Report" was added as a Filter, the created Account was picked up:


In order for us to do more discussion, I need to know the filters of the report you created.
Could you post a screenshot of the report's filter?


Re: Products Report



I'm sorry I'm actually looking for a rate plan. Please see screenshot of selected fields and filters below. 


Zuora Report.PNG


Re: Products Report

Hi @lisaluque!


The simplest solution is to remove "Amendment.Type is not equal to 'Remove a Product'" from the filter.
This allows you to pick up RatePlan that has just been migrated and has not yet been amended.


But I guess what you want to do is as follows:

  • You want to pick up RatePlan which has not been amended before.
  • If RatePlan has been Amended, you only want to pick up RatePlan other than "Remove a Product".

If so, you should create a filter like this:



I referred to the following link: