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Need to find which Order is associated with the Invoice

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Need to find which Order is associated with the Invoice


I'm trying to generate a report on the orders that have been paid for and the ones that haven't.

I thought matching the order to an invoice item might be easiest but I can't seem to find any reliable link in the system that would allow me to match any of the Order metric objects to invoices.

Could you please help as this is blocking our reporting?



Please follow the below steps:
Data Sources to be used:
  1. Invoice Item
  2. Order Action

"Subscription ID/Version" is the Key value for connecting both the data sources.


For eg. In the "Invoice Item" data source, filter any Subscription with Invoice, take Subscription ID/Version values in the report. Then in the "Order Action" data source, filter using the same Subscription Name. Along with that pull Subscription ID/Version, Order Number values in the report.


Once both reports are exported, we can use Subscription ID/Version to find out which Order is exactly matched to the Invoice.


Reference screenshots:


Order Action DS:

186121 - Report 2.jpg

Invoice Item DS:

186121 - Report 1.jpg

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