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[KNOWN ISSUE] Account.Currency field adding itself when editing Details type report.

Issue/ Problem Statement: 

Account.Currency field keeps on adding itself when editing Details type report.


Reproducing steps:

1. Create a Detail type report with "currency-connected" fields like Invoice.Amount.
2. Notice that Account.Currency field will be added automatically, which is an expected behavior.
3. Remove the Account.Currency field and save the report.
4. Open to edit the same report and notice that Account.Currency is back under Selected fields.


Some important notes.
- If the report is saved without the Account.Currency and you run it using "Run Detail Report" or "Run Summary Report" type, the generated report will have no Account.Currency column. Also regardless if the report run using One-time or Scheduled, the results still won't show the Account.Currency column.
- The issue is only true when editing Detail type report.


Reference: REP-6795

Status: Engineers are working on the fix


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