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How do I calculate churn? Report on Cancelled Subscriptions

How do I calculate basic subscription churn? 

Zuora Staff

Re: How do I calculate churn? Report on Cancelled Subscriptions

A common report request is to look at your company’s churn over the last 3, 6, or 12 months. Churn can mean different thing to different companies, but for this example, we’ll look at churn as purely cancelled subscription. So in the Reporting section, go to:


Standard reports > Booking > Drivers folder.



This gives you a simple count of cancelled subscriptions, and it’s helpful to drag in certain objects like ACCOUNT NAME and ACCOUNT NUMBER. Hovering over the account number also lets you open that account in another tab for a more detailed look at the account.


Now you can edit the filter to adjust for the period of time you want to report on. Adjust the filter to show a certain amount of time in the past and set it to 3/6/12 months( whatever you prefer), and save.



This is what the report will look like once you customize it: 



Schedule as a Recurring Report

Then, under RUN REPORT, you can click schedule. Run the report as a summary or detailed report with your selected formatting options. Add emails for a CFO or anyone else who should receive this report, and, if it makes sense for your business, you can make this a recurring report, sent every month on the first.