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Exporting Arabic characters from Account details Data Source export

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Exporting Arabic characters from Account details Data Source export

Zuora UI supports Arabic characters:image (7).png







However when exporting the details in Excel using Data Source Exports, you may notice the exported file is not encoding the characters properly:

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 12.28.32 PM.png


NOTE: This is the default behavior in Excel, not within Zuora.

Excel is not capable of processing UTF-8 characters correctly when CSV is opened directly in Excel.


Here are the steps to fix the file:

(Please note: the following steps are performed using Mac OS Mohave and Microsoft Excel for MacOS v16.34. Steps in Windows and other OS versions may vary)


1) After exporting your Data Source Export file from Zuora UI, make sure that the file is saved as CSV format:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 4.00.23 PM.png


2) Open a new blank Excel spreadsheet file, then navigate to DATA > GET EXTERNAL DATA > IMPORT TEXT FILE.  Search for the Data Source Export CSV file then click GET DATA to continue:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 3.40.56 PM.png


3) In the "Text Import Wizard Screen Step 1", select DELIMITED then under File Origin, click the dropdown window and select ARABIC (MAC OS), then click NEXT:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 3.42.40 PM.png


4) In the "Text Import Wizard Screen Step 2", for the Delimiter, select COMMA only, then click FINISH:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 3.42.49 PM.png


5) On the next popup screen, click OK:

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 4.12.09 PM.png


The data will be imported onto the blank Excel spreadsheet and the Arabic characters will appear correctly:

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 12.27.43 PM.png


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