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Enhancement in new reporting area

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Enhancement in new reporting area

We previously used a canned report in the old reporting area, 'Exports', which no longer meets our needs due to the number of records it returns. We created a similar report in the new reporting area and would like to add additional functionality to it in the form of a line count and hash total for audit purposes. We use this new report as a key control for internal review purposes. Our external auditors have questioned how we have assurance the data we are reviewing matches the output of Zuora (how do we know our reviewed data is complete and accurate with respect to what Zuora provided?). The simplest way for us to gain this assurance is to be able to count records returned and sum the output. 


Re: Enhancement in new reporting area

Hi @ryanforsman, we have been trying to calculate a "seat count" and I have been playing around with the reporting. I found that quanities just add up and I have to use the invoice amount to determine if it should be a negative quantity.  Are you experiencing something similar?