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Customer Metrics

Hi there,


I've been tasked by one of our Customer Success managers to prepare a report, but not sure if it can be accomplished with Zuora reporting.



1. Beginning MRR of initial subscription and ending MRR at time of cancelation

2. Average monthly bill

3. Date subscription canceled

4. Date contract should have renewed (example: customer canceled on 1/1/17, but the renewal date was 8/1/17)


Explanation for needs:

1. Need to understand the customer MRR changes throughout subscription life

2. Were there any overages during the subscription term

3. Did they fulfill their full commitment?

4. Did they cancel prior to term?



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Re: Customer Metrics



Please check out our new reporting article for training courses and guides. This will help give you the information you need to build your reports in your tenant.




Thank you,


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Re: Customer Metrics

Hi @WD-kenlee,


Also check out our new Reporting user group that touts 100+ members including the Reporting team and customers who were in the LA Program.  


Hope that helps,


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Re: Customer Metrics

Hi Monique,


I can't even get to point #1, as there is no historical MRR data that lives at the subscription level.  Which is why I need more guidance...


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Re: Customer Metrics

Ah, but you can always pull out historical MRR out of Zuora. A subscription always includes it's own history and while it's not a simple query, you can always determine MRR for any subscription on any particular date. Take a look at the standard 'MRR by Account' report in the 'Bookings', 'Drivers' section of the new reporting tool. Click on 'Edit' and examine the filters. First, and to be clear, I'm suggesting you use this report as a reference, the report you need may require you tweak the column/row groups - you'll likely want to add Subscription Name as a third row group, but it's the filters that are key to determining MRR on a particular date.


Right now that 'MRR by Account' will give you the MRR for 'today', run it again tomorrow and it'll change based on all the amendments you create tomorrow. For your purposes you'll want to change the two spots in the filters where 'today' is specified, instead check the 'Ask User Later' box just to the right of the drop downs that say 'today'. Don't change anything else, just check that 'Ask User Later' box twice.


Now 'Save As' and give your report a new name so you don't lose the original, and when you run the report you'll be asked to specify a date twice. Enter the same date, Jan 1, say, twice. Now you'll see MRR as of Jan 1. Run it again for Feb 1 and you'll see MRR as of Feb 1 and the differences in MRR will be the result of amendments that took effect in January.


Hope this helps, please let us know how you get on with this,