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Custom field value does not match in the Report vs UI

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Custom field value does not match in the Report vs UI


I have a user that has a custom field 'PromotionCode' on subscription rate plan but that doesn't match the report I am downloading, can you help me identify where the issue is?

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This is a limitation from MS Excel and its not an issue from Zuora End.

Cause for this issue:

Excel follows the IEEE 754 specification on how to store and calculate floating-point numbers. Excel therefore stores only 15 significant digits in a number, and changes digits after the fifteenth place to zeroes.

Value for the "Promotion Code" field is "704578632193599621" which is 18 digit which is causing the error. When I entered 15 digits in my tenant for the field 
"704578632193599",  I can able to download the same value in the Excel reports.

Additional links for this issue in detail:

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