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Creating a Report to Identify First Payment Attempt Success

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Creating a Report to Identify First Payment Attempt Success

I am trying to produce a report that helps our business understand our success rate for electronic payments for our first attempt with a new customer (ie a customer signs up for a trial, at the end of the trial we attempt to charge this card, how likely are we to successfully process this new card).


I have built a report based in InvoicePayment datasource currently and am using the PaymentMethod.TotalNumberOfProcessedPayments and filtering by less than or equal to 1 to try and identify first payment attempts. This works fine for identifying all the failures as if a card fails and then we cancel the sub it would never have any successful payments. However in trying to determine the success rate I need to identify a successful payment when there has only been one successful payment so as to bucket it in the right month. My concern is that if I filter by one payment success or less if the payment method continued to be processed successfully it would be filtered out alltogether. I had thought maybe PaymentMethodSnapshot would get around this issue but it doesn't.


Has anyone else tried to put together a first payment success report or have some insight into how I can accomplish this?

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Re: Creating a Report to Identify First Payment Attempt Success

If my understanding is correct, not only you need to see the first attempt success rate per payment method, but new customer as well.
We do not have a field which will "identify first payment attempt Success" as the counter for payment method's consecutive failure could be reset at anytime.

You may need to utilize from different objects, PaymentMethodSnapshot and PaymentTransactionlogs. Compare the occurrence of payments to see which is the very first one and then compare with the Accounts Activation date.

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