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Bill To Contact Snapshot fields are blank in Reporting

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Bill To Contact Snapshot fields are blank in Reporting



I am attempting to export some historical data on Invoices, using Reporting -> Data Source -> Export, but it appears certain data is not available, specifically everything under 'Bill To Contact Snapshot.'

I've selected 'Invoice' as my Data Source, with Invoice.InvoiceNumber plus nay/all Bill To Contact Snapshot fields. I've tried various timeframes and get an accurate list of Invoice Numbers, but all Bill To Contact Snapshot fields are blank.

Additionally, I'd like to filter on Bill to Contact Snapshot.Country, but it seems the filters are also seeing these fields as blanks, so adding any actual data filter will generate a report with 0 rows.



The ContactSnapshot object preserves a record at a particular point in time of the Bill-To contact or Sold-To contact on a customer account. When invoices are posted, Zuora preserves the Bill To contact and Sold To contact of the invoices in the contact snapshots. If you subsequently update the contact information on a customer account, the original contact information at the time the invoice was posted is saved in ContactSnapshot object instances. 

"Preserve snapshot of bill-to and sold-to contacts when billing documents are posted" is the setting you need to enable under "Billing Rules", but the same is disabled in the customer's tenant.

189685 - Bill to contact snapshot.JPG


Note - If we enable this, ContactSnapshot will be captured for the future records and not for the past records.

Please refer to the knowledge center article for more details on this.


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