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Zuora Sending Emails Via Office 365

Hi all,


First post so go easy on me Smiley Happy


I'm currently trying to setup Zuora to post invoices and all other notifications through my Office365 tenancy using the SMTP Client Submission, rather than Direct Send or SMTP Relay.


I've confirmed that the config is correct, however, Authentication fails.  The failure occurs in the form of a timeout - rather than failed credential check.


As I understand it, the standard timeout for authentication is 15 sec, however as I've been told, Zuora is setup for 10 sec only.  NOTE:  Zuora tenancy being in the states and the Office365 tenancy is in Sydney.


Is there a means by which to get this working?


Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards,



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Re: Zuora Sending Emails Via Office 365


Hate to tell you this in your first post, but unfortunately what you've been told is true..

For now, the timeout setting for SMTP server does not support to be adjusted.


You mentioned that the failure is happened because of timeout. If the timeout is happening during the process of sending request, then I could not think of anything we could do to improve it. But we've also got customers happing timeout errors because the SMTP server took long time to process the email request. If it is that case, you may contact with your SMTP server administrator to see if there is anyway to optimize the performance on SMTP server side.

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Re: Zuora Sending Emails Via Office 365

@Warder welcome to the community!

I would generally recommend against sending email from Zuora (or other applications) through Office365 as it is not designed as a transactional email service. Office365 imposes more strict restrictions on how messages can be sent from their service and they may block/throttle messages that exceed this limit. (Gmail and other providers designed for end user mail, do similar things).


Good examples of transactional email services are Amazon SES, Mailgun, and Sendgrid. These are designed to process larger volumes of email coming from an automated system like Zuora.


For my own curiosity, what is the use case for utilizing a third party email provider rather than relying on the one that Zuora provides?

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Re: Zuora Sending Emails Via Office 365

Seconding @feisley's welcome...welcome to the community @Warder!

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