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Zuora Connect - UI only access unable to see Connect



We use SSO and most of our users only have "UI access" through their platform role, i.e. API write is unchecked for them.


We also want some of these users to be able to use Connect applications, example - Billing Preview through Developer Tools. To add a tenant to their Connect account we have given them credentials to a separate API user meant specifically for this purpose.


But, these users are not even able to see "Connect" on the left side menu like -


They are able to directly login to connect.zuora.com and see their tenant in their to access the Connect apps. But that's an unnecessary hassle.


People with API Write access with the UI access do see this "Connect" option from within Zuora Central UI (on the left side menu)


Why would this be controlled by user's own API access at all, when they can use different login credentials within Developer Tools to perform their tasks?






Re: Zuora Connect - UI only access unable to see Connect

There are also addtional permissions that might need to be setup within the apps. Definately contact Zuora Global Support on this!