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Why am I getting "Forbidden (403)" error when I try creating the email templates?

Question: I am trying to create the email template using https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/POST_Create_Email_Template endpoint. But we are getting the "Forbidden (403)" error.

URL: POST: https://rest.zuora.com/notifications/email-templates


"emailBody": "Test", 
"emailSubject": "Test", 
"eventTypeName": "Test", 
"replyToEmailType": "TenantEmail", 
"name": "Kevin Test", 
"toEmailType": "BillToContact" 


This API works only when "New Notification" feature is enabled for your tenant. Zuora Support has the visibility to confirm if the feature is enabled for your tenant or not. 


The list of the event categories for notifications can be found in the below documenation.



All these notifications are supported with "New Notification" feature. If you experience this issue, please raise a ticket for Zuora Support to confirm the status of this feature on your tenant.

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