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When is email sent to the "Email address" of Tenant Profile?

Hi all,


In "Manage Tenant Profile" of administrator setting of Zuora, there is a place to set an email address.

I think that filling in the email address of our customer's representative here.


What kind of events will mails go to this email address?
I notice that this email address will appear when setting Zuora's Notification.
It appears as "Tenant Email" in the "From Email" and "Reply-to Email" choices set in Email Templates for mail sent to customers.


I tried to change Email address of Tenant Profile to my email address with my Sandbox.
When trying to change, the following message was displayed:
> There are email templates referencing the tenant email, are you sure to change it? [ The templates will reference to new email address ]


I definitely believe that the role of Tenant Email is only Notification.

However, when I was asked by my customer "When is email sent to the "Email address" of Tenant Profile?", I could not answer with confidence.


Is there really a role other than Notification for Tenant Email?
Does anyone else know the role of Tenant Email?
For example, campaign mails from Zuora will not be sent to this mail address, right?


I read the "Manage Tenant Profile" page of the Knowledge Center, but I did not explain it in particular:

Support SME
Support SME

Re: When is email sent to the "Email address" of Tenant Profile?

I will work on ticket 138640.

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Re: When is email sent to the "Email address" of Tenant Profile?

Thank you @Leo

I confirmed your reply on ticket #138640.


For Community user:
My idea is right. Tenant Email setting is used only for Notification Email Template. E-mail never arrives otherwise.