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Upgrade 360 but not quotes?

We're running Z-360 v3.31 and Z-Quotes v7.32, and my boss wants me to upgrade Z-360 so he can sync credit memos. He asked me if it's possible to upgrade Z-360 without upgrading Z-Quotes. Last time I asked that question (a couple of years ago), I was told that it wasn't recommended, which is what I told him. But he wants to know why. So...

* Is it still not recommended to upgrade 360 without also upgrading Quotes?

* If that's not a good idea, why not?


Thanks for your help!


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Re: Upgrade 360 but not quotes?


You can upgrade Zuora Quotes without upgrading Zuora 360 

Zuora Quotes is a native Salesforce application that lets you create Zuora accounts and manage subscriptions, amendments, and renewals in Salesforce

Where as with Zuora 360 you can send account, subscription and related data and product catalog data from Zuora to Salesforce.

The latest Zuora Quotes version is 9.9 and Zuora 360 version is 5.2 at this point. The versions which you are on are old versions and we recommended to upgrade as there are lot of new functionalities implemented since then


Relase notes for reference

Zuora Quotes - https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/AA_Whats_New/BA_Zuora_for_Salesforce_Quotes_Release

Zuora 360 - https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/AA_Whats_New/BB_360Sync_Release_Notes

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Re: Upgrade 360 but not quotes?

Great info, Manojna, thanks!