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Self-service client area

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Self-service client area

Hello everybody,

I am a newcomer tu Zuora. Please help me with this issue: is there any possibility to define a SELF-SERVICE CLIENT AREA? Where the client can manage its subscription by himself, e.g., wiew invoices, request refund, modify payment methods; place new orders; apply promotions, redeem vouchers; view contracts, cancels contracts, etc.

Thank you.



Re: Self-service client area

Hello @Carla, In the Zuora Connect Marketplace, they have an additional application for purchase that'll do much of what you are looking for.  I've provided the link here: SUBSCRIBER SELF-CARE PORTAL


Another option would be to build the Customer Portal using the Zuora APIs.  You'd be able to code all the functionality into a customer facing UI so they can do all the tasks you've listed below.


I'd suggest reaching out to your Account Manager for more information on the application.

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Re: Self-service client area

Hello Carla, 


Yes, this is 100% possible. Our company has built a very nice and successful self service client portal using the Zuora API. 

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Re: Self-service client area

Hi Carla,


PeakCommerce has built a full ecommerce and self-service platform that is tightly integrated with Zuora. You can checkout their offering at here.