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[SSO] Common SSO errors when integrating with Zuora. Troubleshoot guide

Zuora Support

[SSO] Common SSO errors when integrating with Zuora. Troubleshoot guide

Zuora Error Message Cause Solution
Federated ID provided by SAML assertion doesn't match our records. Federated ID of the user who's trying to login via SSO is not registered in Zuora. Correctly enter the federated ID of this user in Zuora as described in
Enable SSO for a Zuora User.
Incoming SAML message is invalid: Validation of protocol message signature failed.

Okta metadata has not been uploaded by Zuora.

Contact Zuora and check if the correct metadata is being uploaded on the Zuora side.

An invalid Name ID or Default username setting was specified in the Okta SAML settings.

Notify your Okta admin to check and update the Okta SAML settings as specified in Configure Okta for SSO SAML.
HTTP Status 401
Authentication Failed
The response issue time is either too old or in the future.

Set the clock to the atomic clock.

You must use Single Sign-On to log in to Zuora

An SSO-enabled user tries to log directly into Zuora application without going through the identity provider. The user must log in from the identity provider log-in page.

Your user account is not enabled to use Single Sign-On.

A user who is not SSO-enabled in the Zuora application tries to log into Zuora from the identity provider login page. Enable SSO for this user in the Zuora application.

Your Zuora tenant is not enabled to use Single Sign-On. 

In Zuora, the tenant is not provisioned to use SSO. Contact Zuora to enable SSO for this tenant.

SAML error: User is inactive.

The user has been de-activated in the Zuora application. N/A

Original password is not correct. Please reapply or email to support@zuora.com.

An SSO-enabled user tried to change the password in the Zuora application.

SSO-enabled users should not use the Change Password page in the Zuora application to change their password.

If a user wants to use the Zuora local login, the user should contact the tenant admin.

Attempted to log into the wrong tenant.

This error message only applies when your identity provider is Okta.

The federated ID was used in this SAML requests was mapped to the different Zuora tenant.

Check and use the federated ID associated with the Zuora tenant and the Okta identity provider. 

SAML error: Your SAML IdP doesn't match our records. Please contact the administrator at your company for help.

Changes in your identity provider settings invalidated the identify provider's metadata in Zuora.

Contact Zuora and check if the correct metadata is uploaded in Zuora. 

If necessary, re-submit the correct metadata file to Zuora and wait for a notification before allowing your users to login via SSO.

SAML certificates or metadata mismatch between your identity provider and Zuora.
Your identity provider metadata is missing. This can be caused by a number missteps or internal errors.

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