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Re: Repeatable Deployments

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Repeatable Deployments

Hi All,


We have 3 environments, a dev environment, staging environment and a production system.  We're making changes in our dev instance and then moving through the chain once they changes have been tested and signed off. We're running Z-Quote and Z-Billing. 


My question is whether anyone has a mechanism for rolling out changes through deployment scripts/APIs rather than having to make changes manually (which is prone to errors). On large scale implementations, surely there must be a way of transferring configuration from one system to another rather than making the changes by hand? 


Thanks in advance. 




Re: Repeatable Deployments

Hi Damon,


Are your dev and stg environments both an API sandbox or is dev sandbox and stg a PCE? referring the zuora environments


Unlike Salesforce, there is no deployment functionality between environments. You can refresh PCE with your config/data in production, but that's not what you're asking. You can use the mass updater to maniuplate data on a large scale - amendments, accounting codes on JEs, etc.


Aside from prod --> PCE, there is no deployment functionality.


- Jeff
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Re: Repeatable Deployments

I checked out the API in hopes of being able to get and set settings through it, but there's no option for that either.

Not having a deployment process somewhat defeats the purpose of having a sandbox in the first place, especially if you're at the early stages with Zuora. Sadly it looks like you're stuck transferring over all your changes manually.

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Re: Repeatable Deployments

Feels like a major shortcoming in the platform, especially at the large scale deployment end. The world is going repeatable/incremental deployments and Zuora doesn't support this.