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Quote Template

Hi salesforce Specialists ,

I have an issue adding a custom object to the quotes template .

the custom object is linked to the opportunities object with a master detail relationship.

i want to includ it in the quote's template the same way how the quote line items works with the product . that mean showing the records of my custom objet and some fields depends on record type.all that without visualforce pages .

any help will be apreciated.

Thank you


Re: Quote Template

@JabSFDC on our system the quote line items are represented by the Charge Summary Merge fields (i.e. ChargeSummary.ProductName)


Since the opportunity is linked via a Lookup from the Charge Summary object, you can easily make custom fields on the Charge Summary that reference it. To do this you would make a custom field of type "Formula" and use the following:




The above is a simple example that would display the record type. This is a contrived example but you could build your formula to reference any opportunity field or implement conditional logic (i.e. if record type A, display X or if record type B display Z)