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Product Catalog sync or export/import tool?

After using Zuora for a few years, the product catalog in our apisandbox has diverged quite significantly from our production catalog. We'd like to get them back in sync so we'll have fewer surprises moving code from development to production.


Are there any tools for helping to synchronize the product catalogs between the production environment and the apisandbox environment? Even a tool that could export and import the product catalog would be incredibly helpful.




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Re: Product Catalog sync or export/import tool?



There's a great Connect Application called Developer Tools which has the functionality for this type of import/export project between Production and Sandbox. Here's a little more information on that:


If you are interested in learning more, send me a private message and I can put you in contact with our Connect Product Specialist to discuss what else this tool can be used for.


Another option outside of your current sandbox would be to consider purchasing an additional environment called a Production Copy environment. This is a direct copy of your production and can be used for purposes of testing. Here's a page that talks more about that:


I would suggest reaching out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance. If you're not sure who that is, let me know and I can check for you.




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Re: Product Catalog sync or export/import tool?

I also have this problem, and I didn't care to use the Connect Developer tools.


I have written a python script that works well enough for my purposes. You are welcome to use my code, which is available at https://github.com/bolaurent/zuora-productcatalog-migrate.


Please be very careful; it deletes all the products it can in the target instance before copying the source instance product catalog to the target.