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New Communication Profile Limitations


After creating new Communication Profiles, I noticed that some OOTB callouts/notifications are missing when editing the newly created Comm Profiles.

The callout/notifications that I am specifically missing is "Payment Run Completion | Completed Status". This notification cannot be added through the UI since it is not in the Related Event list.

Default Profile:


New communication Profile:


Zuora Support

Re: New Communication Profile Limitations



What you have observed is by design, because there are two types of Profiles in Zuora, one is Default profile and the other is new communication profile which is especially for the end users. The Bill Run, Payment Run, Data Source Exports and Import notifications are present in default profile and once activated, it will send notifications to Zuora users within the organization.

The new communication profile is customizable, they are designed for your end customers meaning it can be configured at Customer Account level and are intended to be sent to your end customers.

This is the reason why new Communication Profile will not inherit all the notifications/emails available in the default profile.